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Europe’s difficulties to find a balance

Whomsoever you ask about the actual situation of Europe, will give you a very different answer.

Depending on whether people first think about the diverse places or past and future of this complex continent, or whether they feel the horror of the refugees and at the borders, or whether they are economically or rather ecologically biased, or have worked or traveled in different parts of this allegedly developed area, they will come to completely different opinions and conclusions.

That must not be bad. The essential point could be to bring all these points of view and influences to a viable balance like a living being, which wants to live and to prosper and to come along with all the “usual” difficulties. But these points exactly are the themes of this website. There  are pages about private and public and even general aspects of life, about development and growth, which has a lot to do with prospering, and about coming along by means of a special type of way called boringly the middle one. Why ignore it?