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The distribution of wealth in Germany
is the most important task of the next generation.

The most important issue from the point of view of a modern Middle Way, the ever-increasing gap in the distribution of wealth between rich and poor, hardly appeares in the actual work of the government.    

Photo R.Habeck M.Schwesig Kevin Kühnert ((own montage)  

It had already become very clear in the analysis of the Landtag election of North Rhine-Westphalia, which had been massively lost by the SPD (social democrats), that this was the point which most worried the largest number of voters.
Obviously, there is a need for a generational change, which according to the ideas represented on ARS-UNA always means a discontinuous development. It seems highly gratifying that the Young Socialists under Kevin Kuehnert are placing these supposedly unsolvable problems at the top of their agenda, which of course other countries and other parties are facing too, especially the Greens under the newly elected Robert Habeck.
In both cases there is a personal reference to these two politicians as author of this page. The own mother bore the birth name Kuehnert. Her father came from Wittenberge and soothed together with Noske after the First World War, the impending sailor uprising in Kiel. Her grandfather was instrumental in the construction of the historic Elbe Bridge Wittenberge as an engineer, while other parts of the family came from Torgau. Robert Habeck, on the other hand, is a minister in the state government in the own hometown Kiel and, as a writer and philosopher, as well as in his politics, he has similar positions to the own ones. Manuela Schwesig from Frakfurt/Oder or now Schwerin would not be a bad choice in their alliance. All three, however, put thematic arguments ahead of the questions of their own person.  

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