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A modern Middle Way in Institutions and  Private Life  (in English and German)

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The unequal distribution of the already achieved prosperity and not the lack of growth in the economy might be the most important topic of the policy in Germany, just as in the US, and it also should be the most important topic for Bundestag elections.  

The typical SPD election people are completely frustrated because the standard of living has steadily declined in recent decades. The pension is minimal and nothing worth anymore. One would now have to pay as much in euros as before in D-Mark, which had about half of its value, without the wages having increased accordingly.

The simplest means of altering the distribution would certainly be the land tax and the inheritance tax. The upper class has recently passed through a changed law almost quietly with only slightest changes being made but being inflated in the media. However, essential dynamic progress would be stimulated by changes in the privatization and income policies, which are more closely linked to one another than the voters are aware of. A glance at the shares of taxes being paid shows immediately that the turnover and the wages tax each amount to about 30% of the total volume, but the real estate tax is only about 1.5% and the inheritance tax only about 0.5%. The upper class will of course want to avoid any publicity on this subject. The lower class does not seem to highlight this issue in a massive way, thus not revealing sufficiently the tactics of the media, which are influenced to a much greater extent by the upper class.
Obviously, this is done only half-heartedly by the SPD as the mainstream left, while the conservative CDU is already thinking about a coalition with the Green party (The Guardian, Sept.12, 2017). Small parties may profit from this tendency. 

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