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A modern Middle Way in Institutions and  Private Life  (in English and German)

Germany is hesitant
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After the German election with a marked weakening of the two main parties, and Macron's new impetus for a stronger European agreement, especially through a common budget, and finally the Catalan stalemate, which has aspects of a dictatorship, has re-mixed the situation in Europe and also in Germany.   

Since Merkel will again be the most likely to be the leader, her position is, of course, of great importance in all these fields. But she remains silent and cautiously silent, where clear expressions are urgently needed. As ever before, it relies on small national advantages, and the Macron's new vision of a better whole community is almost completely out of the way, especially from the viewpoint of the egoistically agitating liberals of the FDP.
The essential critical point appears in all cases to be a reasonable balancing of financial compensation as a basis of any modern federal community. Even within the Federal Republic, the latter is always questioned by more or less egotistical local factions who think they are losing too much. This makes it evident that in this respect, significant reconnaissance work still needs to be done so that the conviction that financial compensation does not mean support for laziness or disability, but should be understood as an incentive and aid to better development which could be aided by really accepting a modern Middle Way.  

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Updated Okt. 30, 2017