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Sept.17   "Perish or cherish"  
Sept.16   "How to make a love declaration" 
Sept.13   "Depression or anger?"  
Sept.12   "
Disease or meaningful path?"
    "Four Taboos"  
Sept. 06    "Where is the Middle Way important?"  
Aug. 20    "Cognition and processing"
Aug. 10     "Block thinking - decide or choose?"
Aug. 09     "Snap opinions and/or lump sum judgments"  

The practical importance of the "Middle Way modern" given by this expression in three words and meaning the three main issues for recent politics as well in Germany as worldwide has been summarized.
The article about "Simplifying philosophy" has been shortened and (as it should be!) simplified.  
The own first choice for reading is The Guardian*s view. which could have influenced the new page about Europe finding babance.   A summary of the intentions of ARS UNA has been put onto the title page.
Further pages with many new links were inserted now mainly with the intention to show that a modern Middle Way is not only a subject for philosophical discussions, but may have very practical applications to  conflict solution in international institutions:

How to find a modern Middle Way


Create Better United Nations
(German: Bessere Vereinte Nationen schaffen)

Gender Interaction

Simplifying Philosophy

Europa - nicht ja oder nein
(only in German meaning: Europe - not yes or no)

Updated Sept. 16, 2017