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Natural sciences to a large extent replaced natural philosophy, which however, not necessarily being limited to the realm of Nature, may again contribute to deeper insight. A better balance between humanities and natural sciences is sought, which not should fight, but support one another, even if in humanities nothing can be proven by physical experiments.  

According to the guiding ideas of this website, religiousness and arts should take a role in the play again too. Is this a contradiction to the position taken on the pages about life (“general” or public or private), that again a new phase of secularization is urgently needed? Allow just the simple answer “no”! A justification? Yes.

The current business (!) of the “Church of the Concordance Model” resembles to the medieval business of concordates to such an extent, that it is more than a joke. At the first glance this only could refer to the visible appearance of the website of “The Dark Energy Survey” in mind-blending black. A second look immediately reveals that the pages are clearly subdivided in sermons for the believing people and hidden pages only accessible for higher ranking carriers of wisdom. Nobody dares to mention the pope.

The essential issue, of course, is the wisdom itself. It follows the old guide lines of the Bible. A belief (or several ones), now called model, is established and extensively used to construct the best possible theology (now called approximation). The general validity of the Theory of General Relativity” (to be written with majuscules) as well as the infinite world of spacetime have to be confessed,- not mentioning many additional “assumptions” of the Standard Model, which is the basic of the Big Bang (this is the new word, of course also with majuscules, for Creation).

But sorry, no discussion about creationists will be started on this website.   

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Updated March 22, 2018