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Sexual violence
Misuse of arms and violations of social rules

The use of force should generally be sanctioned,  of course, including sexual violence. This not only affects human rights, but basically natural law.   

Not only within a society, so in the context of violations of the written and unwritten laws of the same, but also in their outdoor area, ie military, violence is a bad thing and should be reduced as much as possible with increasing education, especially if it inflicts lasting damage on those affected or even includes their death. In addition, violence to nomads and alleged savages is also to be denounced, and everything should be done to prevent it.
In this regard, missionaries, in particular, have been horribly involved in acts of violence that are very often motivated and even justified by the fact that people there were said to have no sexual sense of shame and to still live similarly to animals. On the one hand, this clearly shows that sexual feelings are very much determined by the respective society and its usual education. On the other hand, it directs one's gaze to the animals themselves, whose cruel treatment and killing remain permitted without much ado. Anyone who has seen slaughterhouses from the inside and has experienced drive hunts will be profoundly affected as a modern enlightened person and would never take part in such things themselves. It is claimed that the only thing that matters is a painless procedure. What is done with animals in this regard was not long ago implemented in concentration camps on human beings. In the usual strong differentiation between humans and animals, which is becoming increasingly questionable according to modern knowledge, religions of various imprints have often been involved, which continues to this day. This can only lead to an urgent call for renewed stronger secularization and better animal welfare.
Such considerations make it clear that what is referred to as "sexual violence" should be separated between violence itself, which includes in particular any (!) use of arms, and violations of the rules of the respective society and, in particular, their forms of education, which often provoke, for example, reactions of the kind that people are very disgusted by such incidents. Events of this kind can gradually become increasing violence, and has to be screened. The violence must immediately be filtered out and forcibly acted against it.
Violence is often part of exercising power. This means that, for example, the exploitation of power positions can well mean violence. This applies equally to the sexual sphere as well as in completely different areas, such as disabilities of intellectual or artistic activity or the restriction of freedom of movement or professional activity. Many such incidents must also be considered as violent and, in assessing their extent, should be judged similarly to occurrences in the sexual sphere and therefore be considered by balancing and, if necessary, be penalized. Sexual violence must be opposed like any other kind of violence, not more and not less.  

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