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The problems augmented after the putsch in 2014

Street children in Thailand seem to have fun, but are faced with serious risks and challenges. As in many Asian countries organized gangs often exploit street children to work as beggars or to sell flowers and items. Many of these children are forced to turn over their daily earnings to a gang. They often abuse drugs and sniff glues.  

The problems augmented after the putsch in 2014. The military government promises a return to democracy since then, but nothing happens. Open discussions about political questions are forbidden. The economy is seriously struggling and survives to a considerable part only by the money brought by the tourists who generally do not much care about this fact. The most critical themes are nuisances about the monarchy. Reporting them brings the very real danger of jail terms of 15 years per each "offense". But pictures of the new king who has a splendid residence in Bavaria showing him there in a crop top go on circulating and ridiculing him. This fact makes him vulnerable for the military which undeniably often has been in rivalry with various kings.  

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Updated Sept.24, 2017