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Natural sciences to a large extent replaced natural philosophy, which however, not necessarily being limited to the realm of experimentally accessible Nature, may again contribute to deeper insight. A better balance between humanities and natural sciences is sought, which not should fight, but support one another, even if in humanities nothing can be proven by physical experiments.  

According to the guiding ideas of this website, religiousness and arts could take a role in the play again too. Is this a contradiction to the position taken on the pages about life (“general” or public or private), that again a new phase of secularization is urgently needed? Allow just the simple answer “no”! A justification? Yes.

The essential issue, of course, are the assumptions made for THE Big Bang essentially residing in the concordance model and the standard model, which are not easy to be elucidated and may not be free of hidden beliefs. Such a discussion can hardly be made on a website with little informed contributions from people just digesting information from other scientific or religious websites. But some basic questions, of course, may have aspects outside of sciences, which scientists normally won’t consider. Such contributions possibly could come from areas not accessible to experiments like modern philosophy, but nevertheless to recursion and consistence testing.

For sure, no discussion about creationists will be started on this website.


Logical sciences   

The logic of scientific arguments   

Langlands unified theory of maths    

Physical sciences   
Cosmology and particle physics face surprisingly similar challenges   
Einstein and the Mystery of Space and Time   

Life Sciences   
Suppressing the reasoning part of the brain stimulates creativity   

Interdisciplinary sciences   

DNA containing computer memory information  

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