Connecting Arts, Religion, Sciences - Alternative Philosophy of Development

  A modern Middle Way in Institutions and  Private Life  (in English and German)

Synthetical 4D-philosophy leading to uniting concepts
in cosmology, society and individual life

A rt and Media 
R eligion and Enlightenment 
S ciences and Humanities 

U niting economy and ecology 
N ature and technology 
A lternative and synthetical philosophy 

The vortex of a galaxy or even the entire universe takes on more and more angular momentum and may underlie deformation by giving off energy one-sidedly. The Russian cosmonaut V.A.Dzhanibekov observed sudden very surprising switches of direction of bodies flying and rotating in frictionless space, Galaxies or especially the universe are not able to exert such a switch of direction under such conditions. Therefore a huge singularity completely disintegrating it can be assumed to cause the death of these enormous entities and will conserve only the angular momentum vector.

Who should we support - parish council, local parliament, regional representation, national parliament, international federation (like Europe) or the United Nations? Almost nobody seems to care for a "good" balance between all of them. Does good mean flexible interaction? 

Understanding by duality can simplify and ease our view of
existence and development in theory and practice
leading to a modern Middle Way corresponding to
and consistent with four dimensions of nature and life.      
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