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Creative philosopy

Tolerance instead of separation

This is NOT a complete translation of the German text.

Initially seen as a counterpart to mostly quite academic analytical philosophy, this form of the supposedly almost dead and ineffective form of antique speech, which shows up as practice-oriented, is on the way to becoming a suitable way for the fulfillment of various tasks in private and public life. 

Such approaches have been circulating for some time under terms such as practical, experimental or synthethetical philosophy. But the crucial point seems to be the inclusion of the question of boundaries, which in nature and consequently also in meaningful culture generally cannot be completely tight. This applies in the same way in biological systems such as cells and as well as to human constructs such as partnerships or public affairs, i.e. politics of countries.

Boundaries cannot be impermeable, because then no real development beyond growth would be possible, which needs external impulses. Conflict resolution is an essential aim. Experience shows that this is reached best by relying on simple principles, which can, for sure, be derived from said creative philosophy. If natural and cultural systems generally cannot be hermetically closed, a simple and immediately understandable consequence is that outside influence must be accepted, which means tolerance. The first and perhaps most important principle thus becomes that tolerance must apply instead of delimitation. This simple formula can obviously have a significant effect and is therefore from the very beginning preferred as guiding principle. 

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