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The transition from static to dynamic

Now it seems to be both puke-making and also highly exciting here. There seem to be on the one hand only little, but on the other hand very important issues to develop. The world is big and distant, but also tiny and deep within us.  

God has become a synonymous word for the world and could just as well be the opposite. The world continues to evolve at an unimaginable speed. Can we also say the same about God?

From the world and/or God we can not and should not make ourselves a picture, say the one, to expose the divine and to praise it in words want the other ones. Is the worldly an attribute of the world and the godly one of God?

Theory alone does not bring us ahead, it has to be put into practice. Practice alone disregards independent reason and logical foundations. Do we have now to inconspicuously sneak further ahead on the stupid praised middle way, continue running in a treadmill or somehow else let us move dynamically, or is it legitimate to settle down statically, only to listen to and look at whatsoever and having nothingness to say and to do?

Raab raab croaks a human raven, the human being also qualifies as an animal - feeling, flying, feeding. Do not use words that begin with "f," says the human animal sphinx, - not fxck, fake, fuss. Arbitrary taboos or building blocks of society? One can not deny the persistent existence and ongoing development of other body parts besides the head.

Intelligence has a lot to do with speed, says recent American research in line with African sentiment. Does reason not just sit in the head with its rational children? It's just a question of definition, says the sphinx and does not care. Is it intelligence too, although there is no movement?

The transition from static to dynamic seems extremely important, but also dangerous. Hermits and dictators fear it equally. Can the world freeze or explode? Will it ever perish as it originated? Oh, the modern way of the middle, what does it say in this case? Is it too stupid to comment on this issue?

A way says nothing, it just leads somewhere. Asking whereto remains unanswered, because on the entrance ticket is indicated that this has to be found out quite alone. So only the two or maybe higher-dimensional sides of the path can say something. This happens through increasing difficulties, the farther we deviate, which can be determined with all body parts. In the distance, however, there are extremes to be noticed that may seem attractive, but also cold ud rugged. Therefore the real possibility could come about to freeze or perish on dangers. What is only left, then, will be to move further towards the imaginary goal.

Does this goal really exist? In order to get there, we are subjected to all kinds of effects. But, paradoxically, we do not have to submit to it, we just have to keep up with the times, with successive generations that can bring ever new ramifications with new beauty, but also abysmal holes - a fractal world of unknown logic, the imaginary reality.  

® Copyright and all rights Hans J. Unsoeld, Berlin 2018

Sept. 06, 2018  

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