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here and now with new chance

The call to unite behind the science can give orientation for individuals. Technology changed society after classical science taught to describe nature in 4D meaning four dimensions using coordinates , one for #time seen as imaginary and three for space being real.

We ourselves and all living beings are part of nature. Culture is part of life. Being able to comprise also art and humanities by four dimensions , they become essential parts of culture like science.

We can identify those four dimensions in ourselves and also in any culture. This could be useful for development and for solving problems. Our body consists of four parts. In evolution these developed in a sequence that might have significance.

The abdomen got to be the first part of the body coming about and essential for assertiveness as an imaginary or imaginative dimension between sexuality and power. Development from generation to generation means time imagined as imaginary. Thus the dimension of the abdomen can be understood as imaginary, too.

Following evolution three real dimensions can be attributed to the other parts of the body. First activity and mobility to extremities, then rationality by cognition and processing to the head, and finally feeling and fitness to the upper part of the body.

Time is the main valuta measured either by functions of seconds or by fractals of life in generations. It sometimes runs smoothly allowing meditation and improvement, sometimes it jumps abruptly requiring renewal and transition.

Imaginary improvement enjoys by adding real building, caring, learning and thus more than just reform, imaginary renewal frightens by catastrophe, chaos, death, and thus more than just revolution.

Philosophy can provide imaginary fantasy and real freedom, love and thinking. This needs simple imagination and skillful. adaptive and aware realization.

Philosophy of modern time allows fuzziness and thereby can be more helpful than strict institutions and religions. It allows improvement without heeding fixed rules and opens up unknown possibilities for dynamic creating. It even allows to feel, meditate or think what might be or come beyond dynamic. This clearly is more than belief and should give us incentive to follow this way united between ages, gender, people and possible foes – right here, right now.

© Hans J. Unsoeld, Berlin 2019

Rewritten Jube 23, 2020 

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