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Perish or cherish
Meditation and No Number Mystic

Perish or cherish  

None contains the one,
one transforms into some,
all remains behind a wall.
Words are only for human nerds.

All human could be the man,
herds however lose manner,
alone they decay into all and one.
Marvels hide how the circles run.  


Four Times Four  

Feeling and Force
Perceiving and Thought
Moving and Deed
Vincing and Drought  

Yes,- between  
Chest in and out
Head in and out
Roots and Wings in and out
Sex and Power in and out 

Duality yes,- between  
Body and Spirit
Cognition and Use
by Arms and Legs
by Taking and Giving  

United World,- between  
Sympathy and Embrace
Contact and Message
Touch and Movement
Love and Peace  

No Number Mystic  

One is static like Monoculture, Monogamy, Monotheistic

Two is dynamic like pair-formation, oscillation, vibration, interaction

Three is from logic to chaos without judgment, and arts in between

Four is the complete world, all nature, all culture, all life, we ourselves

Five is in Thai ha, 55555 an enormous laughter

© Hans J. Unsoeld,  Berlin 2017  

Oct. 11, 2017