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Dimensions and categories

The dimensions known in the description of nature and the categories common in human sciences seem to be largely just dual counterparts and therefore equivalent.    

Assertiveness and power are according to the conceptions of the modern Middle Way represented here, in order of their emergence in evolution, the oldest dual pair of counterparts, which is assigned to the abode. Between these two qualities, in both private and in public life, a Middle Way should be sought. In its extreme form, unrestrained assertiveness equals complete freedom, and thus means anarchy, whereas power exerts strict laws and a narrowing morality which is nowadays known internationally as law and order, and which in extreme cases results in dictatorship.

Thus, between these two positions, the modern Middle Way would be sought by dynamic weighing-up at the respective place and time, which means that neither an excess of law nor a lack of it is desirable. And as it has been said, this should apply equally to both private and public life.

This also means balancing between complex disordered life structures that are more likely to occur in Asia and rather ordered logical-rational structures, which are favored in Western cultures.   

(C) Copyright Hans J. Unsoeld, Berlin 2017

Updated Dec. 23, 2017 and Oct. 29, 2020   

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