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World and Life

don’t appear to follow a general formula, but a scheme

Wheresoever and whensoever we look, not a common simple law, but an equivalent scheme appears to show up, as possibly learned in childhood by watching the stars.  

Basic processes seem to start (only a letter “t” is added to star?) at a point having quite constant properties – the speed of light might belong to them, get next into a linear phase corresponding to the laws of classical mechanics, in a third phase enter into dynamic interaction as, for instance, by adding formula for attraction and inertia underlying fields and gravitation, and finally disintegrate by turbulences, in senseless way at first glance.

At this point it comes out that the possibly not quite point-like point taken as first one could prinipally be described as a singularity joining this turbulent entity with a new sructure also “looking” point-like but having a somehow extended extension. This structure won’t be completely the same one as in the first step, but ought to undergo only comparetively slight changes by the thereby described recursion, thus initiating a cycle process repeating again and again always changing only slightly and thereby provoking what we call development not to be confused with evolution or growth.

It would mean that to the constants of a previous step each following step will add additional information, for example by new quantum numbers..

Surprisingly this kinf of scheme must not be limited to cosmology, but could also make up for development of life on the Earth. In form of very simple molecular structures entering in similar cycles and after each disintegration adding a little bit new information to a molecular basic unit called DNA correspondingly such cycle process can come about. Comparison with mathematical problems of “dissolution”, i.e. the opposite of solution, of similar, but less complex composed problems (e.g. division by zero) suggest the general designation of singularity for them. This would favor the view, rhat birth and death are “just” interconnected in such singularities.

The next extension of this type of consideration towards the micro cosmos might consistently bring similat concepts for elementary particles. The most evident example could be pair formation by genenerating two or more particles “simply” out of energy (Feynman).

As general result such singularities appear as connecting processes by being not much changing initiators and slightly varying transmitters of all thereby described processes. They coild better be designated as sexuality reigning everywhere and at all such transitions points. The counting of them is what makes out the essence of time. It well convinces to call this counting “imaginary” because it cannot be integrated in this picture as pre-existing. Thus time cannot be explained. But all following entities might be integrated into a general record like quantum numbers or DNA.

The connection of turbulent structure to newly concentrated structure viewed as sexuality goes on under very different headings in the macro cosmos, in the New cosmos according to life description on Earth by von Humboldt, and in the micro cosmos. It intuitively appears as consistent to conceive gamma-ry burts (GRB), insemination by plants, animals and finally humans, and as third realm by quantized radiation, all in principle might be seen as same kind of sexuality only differentiating by more and more complex fractal development from generation to generation. This view, however, must evidently be completed by the traditional view of rational functinality describing last not least most kinds of the sort of development in our actual eco-worlds of technics in economy and environment.

Sexuality in this view appears to come out as having a generalized key position in “the” world thereby indeed conceived as more or less identical with our traditional notion of life. A beginning kind of a creation or end kind of apocalypse can just not be noticed, although an imagination and feeling of such events, of course, is not forbidden and might be suggested, but in all likelihood impossibly be proven by an endless repetition of generations not only on the Earth bur also in any macro or micro cosmos. Neither space travel nor diving into the depth of our conscience appear to be able to enlarge this picture containing as very essential element immense complexity and innate fuzziness. We can just be happy to enjoy the continous possibility of enlarging our scope by small small increments in each new cycle.

© All rights reserved by Hans J. Unsoeld, Berlin 2020

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