Connecting Arts, Religion, Sciences - Alternative Philosophy of Development

  A modern Middle Way in Institutions and  Private Life  (in English and German)

Ten little wars
they once went to battle
Development and progress
neither poetry nor philosophy?

Understanding and respect,
not authority and advantage
can together
nature-loving and culturally open
bring development and progress,
and help to avoid conflicts and crises. 

Ten little wars
they once went to battle

Perhaps the first horrific
wars waged by living beings
on our unique earth
took place between
bacteria and fungi
and led to
development of antibiotics  and
progress through better membranes.
Today both are no more weapons, but
called medication and borders.

The second widespread
wars waged by biological species
on all our unique continents
took place between
viruses and cells
and led to
development of useful organs
and progress through better forms of skin.
Neither act as weapons, but rather are using
antibodies and selective pores.

The third very cruel
wars waged between living beings
in all populated areas
took place between
animals and humans
and led to
development of diverse religions
and progress through power and rule.
It had not to be done with weapons, but
protection and language were needed.

The fourth also not harmless
wars caused by life forms
on every one of the continents
took place between
hunters and settlers
and led to
development of traffic and settllements
and progress through exploration and creative work.
Tools should not become weapons, but
knowledge and creativity can arise.

The fifth still tougher
wars over vast territories
of different countries
took place between
conquerors and states
and led to
development of vehicles and forts
and progress through research and technology.
Inventions should not cause submission, but let
help and construction arise.

The sixth very fanatical
wars of faith
between religious denominations
took place between
traditionalists and progressives
and led to
development of logic and analysis
and progress through schools and business.
Secularization is not meant to be sectarian, but rather
insight and planning might arise.

The seventh merciless
wars involving peoples
took place between various
nationalists waving flags
and led to
development of parliaments and elections
and progress through parties and constitutions.
Oposition is not supposed to be black and white, but
coalitions with various colors arise.

The eighth even more awful
wars over reaching majorities
took and take place between
splitting major religions
and led to
development of fascism and pacifists
and progress through diplomacy and demonstrations.
Beliefs should not be claims, but give support
for mutual recognition.

The ninth still farther-reaching
wars fought over economy
take place between
capitalism and socialists
and lead to
questionable development of more inequality
and less progress from increasing destruction.
By exploitation there is only a short profit,
while freedom movements will arise.

The tenth even destroying everything
wars fought back against nature
will take place now and soon go further on between
living beings either with more or less mutual respect
and lead to
questionable darwinists as well as moralists
and backsliding through disasters and many crises.
By destroying nature and death of too many people
maybe apocalypse can really arise.

© Hans J. Unsoeld, Berlin 2020
Mar 23, 2020