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About ARS UNA and the author Hans J. Unsoeld

Not to specialize on one subject, but to try the impossible, to bring opposite "things" together, was the life-long aim. Having survived the Second World War as a child in Northern Germany, life went on in Southern Germany, but also for many years abroad (Switzerland, USA, France, Italy, Mexico, Russia, Thailand).

After studying nuclear physics with the idea, to be able to do something against nuclear weapons, then working in molecular biology for getting more in touch with life, finally making documentary films about such different themes as youth criminality, free jazz, and Mexican tourism, the interest grew to bring together Eastern and Western culture. Becoming an alone educating father many years in Munich had to be mastered as taxi driver, but also getting skilled with computers.

This was an excellent occasion for learning five foreign languages (English, French, Italian, Russian, and Spanish). It left time for leading a Russian cultural discussion club and writing a book titled "101 Postwar Nights" (in a semi-fictitious frame about modern life containing 101 autobiographical stories) .

Since retirement having spent five years in Asian countries (mainly Thailand and to a certain extent learning the language) and now living in Berlin, the interest in combining elements of Western and especially Far Eastern culture did not diminish and included arts, religion, and sciences. Recent work resulting in five more books focused on the philosophy of development, not to be mixed up with evolution. The two books, "Beyond Where And When" and "Usual Border Transgressions" are in English available, but only in preliminary translations on email order (see News).

In 2015 a short version of the essential ideas of the philosophy of development "Usual Border Transgressions" has been published. A new booklet "Middle Way modern" in German followed in 2017, but is only partly translated yet. For availability as German paperbacks see "Ebooks" on this website. The latest articles are "About Gender Interactions" and "Simplifying Philosophy" (both in English).

Since July 2014 living in Berlin the actual activities are visible on this website. Three children and five grandchildren live around Frankfurt/M. and Munich.


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