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Raven morality

Kant's categorical imperative is still valid today as they boast. Slight doubts are possible, perhaps also appropriate. Neither the stars nor the elementary particles know morality, which is understood as a social quality. 

In principle, this could be extended to structures. So it's about definition and its areas, and it's something pretty human. But can animals also act morally and perhaps even plants that, according to new knowledge, are connected to one another by underground rizomes and whose essential part of life may take place underground while they only regenerate energy “above”?

More concretely, do the ants and bees, which are said to have a state, already have kind of a moral or later monkeys, or do different peoples have different morals? There is legality everywhere in form of natural laws. It is therefore probably not “wrongly” perceived as something that does not exactly come “from the grassroots”. Such a basis is obviously guided by instincts, which could be a basis for morality. If then somewhere the instincts in a “society” change becoming a being that forms recursively, is that the point in spacetime at which morality arises? Kant would probably stand on his head if he had heard that. But does our local society nowadays then begin to fight, not at all in the Kantian manner?

The problem was and is exacerbated by individuals who do not live behind whatever defined borders of a society, which a raven as a modern nomad only accepts as border zones, but not as sharp lines. However, society literally strikes back by enacting more and more laws, but without mostly taking care of the dismantling, i.e., in more modern terms, the disposal of laws that are no longer used. In particular, this also applies to special services based on such laws, primarily known as subsidies.

A so-called citizen living abroad, i.e. a living being with a valid passport confirming affiliation, more or less inevitably evades part of the legality of the society in question. The possibility of shutting down a health insurance policy now and there enhances this question. Is it mandatory to take in your own country a health insurance that is also valid for other countries, and can this be enforced at all? This has to do with status and acquired rights very quickly. If you still have a serviced apartment available during your absence, you do not have to "abmelden" (log off) at all, which is a typically German word, by the way. For example, the supposedly freedom-loving Americans, who do subjugate the First Nations there, don't even know it.

The story of such a modern nomad can change completely after his return for whatever reason. To reopen a closed health insurance is supposedly his right. But, as a raven's own experience shows, it can bureaucratically effective be restricted in the sense of the societal costs, and this indeed happened in agreement between local authorities and said health insurance, which both together, in the interest of ominous public, think they can benefit from it.

A raven can take this either as a declaration of war or, more harmlessly, as a game. In the first case, that means going to a lawyer and spending a lot of effort and of unpaid time personally perhaps higher valued than expected. In the second case, such a possibly not completely stupid bird can remember Eric Berne’s "Games peoople play" and follow the simple rule learned there, either to play along or not. Like the social status just mentioned, this is also a test of strength, but not according to cultural rules, but according to physical strength. In other words, this means he will possibly feel so strong and healthy that he doesn't give a damn about said health insurance and takes care of his own well-being according to his own understanding. A raven notices faster than a human that not only rational arguments, but also feelings, activities and, in his eyes, even sex are particularly important. In a firmly established society, however, the latter tends to be scaled down in order to achieve better economic performance in the mostly accepted capitalist system.

In a less rational society, a comparatively higher role of sexual activity is more recognized, and to a certain extent regardless of personal age. However, since natural characteristics or changes (menopause should be mentioned as little as possible) reduce the desire of women for said sex then significantly. There is a significant tendency of older men to look for significantly younger women. Due to modern birth control this must not have the same bad consequences for them as in former times, though the men may still secretly be driven by the desire to reproduce. In addition, young women could benefit culturally significantly more from older men than from their peers. That could heighten the weight on the scales. But a society is a lazy thing, and until a creeping adjustment occurs, long times can pass, during which there is violent mutiny against such new "developments", which clearly represent allegedly forbidden border crossings.

And the moral of the story? Don't trust any morals! Anyone who does that anyway is at a certain point the stupid one if that happens.

But if a society wants to declare war on such a raven without health insurance, this modern animal also has effective weapons, but of a completely different kind from what people generally imagine. In the most recent form of our ever more “perfected” society, for example, membership in health insurance is recorded with computers on the one hand and chip cards on the other. This justifies a new game with theoretically mutually valid rules, which, however, are usually not or do not have to be fully known. Because the good society can collect the data of all the sick and turn it into profit - whichever may not be very well known. The raven without insurance, however, might not reveal anything about his state of health and cab notice, when he has reached a certain level of consciousness, that this knowledge has a not insignificant value. He can keep it a secret and so maybe neither tell people in his respective area nor especially his intimate connections. Just like friends who can easily be traced, also computers can tell something about where a niggle plagues him how badly. It thus increases the insecurity of society, which for reasons of power is more interested in narrow border zones, while in the interests of individuals this need not to be the case at all. Games people play are called those games for adults!

But please don't forget: Games can turn into wars. The sense of playfulness in arguments is certainly more pronounced in at least some vital individuals than in a society that is clearly dominated by a silent majority. Whoever makes the rules has the power. Nomads of course follow their own rules in a certain area, and the rules of ravens are certainly not very easy to research. This will hit against established boundaries that may be too sharp, if research is limited to pure rationality as it becomes particularly relevant in large institutions.

The consequence is, at least to a certain extent, that outsiders are ignored and belittled for their careers by people assumed on the one hand to be good and on the other hand well paid and judged by their approved publication output. Sexuality is only permitted as a research element that is to be treated rationally and is otherwise taboo. This will be made clear by the generally sanctioned wearing of ties as a clear sex symbol, especially when exercising positions of power. A raven finds this symbol sometimes ridiculous, sometimes even disgusting, but knows that courtship costumes can also be used effectively elsewhere in nature.

His main topic, however, will be that people simply do not read his seemingly animalistic texts. That only happens when social institutions have blown their yes in the media. The hard struggle for a career, which requires a lot of precious time, also works in the same direction. As a result, the ability to read also generally suffers more and more.

The consequent own decision to increasingly stop writing like this coincides with increasingly weakening strength and will therefore not be difficult. Basically there is enough of it available to penetrate the secrets of the world of a human raven, which has been created in all sorts of places. In the modern media world this is made easier for seekers by hashtags, which are added here with final croaks.

The brief conclusion from personal experiences, which approach the topic recursively, does not use any rational justification. Being interested and tolerant are basic ingredients of one's own morality.

Croak croak!

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