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4D game between life and nature

Generalized sexuality


Life and description of nature are closely related. A way to interconnect the generation of maximally four dimensions in both systems by generalized sexuality could be shown by combining the view of mathematics of functions and of fractals.


Imagine a system working on a line. The elements want to go in one or the other direction, but cannot pass one another at a point where they hit those opposing them. We convene to call this point zero. Real progress means they have to avoid one another what seemingly only can be done by leaving the straight way using small perturbations like in quantum mechanics. This means the opening of a new dimension by moving not only on a 1D-line, but deviating into a 2D-plain creating thereby "genuine" development or progress.

Very clever elements possibly already heard about eternity and try to get to the other side by passing through the unknown point infinity. They are allowed to do this only after fracturing themselves and recomposing in a "higher" form. Using hidden information transferred by an almost secret process called sexuality they create by passing this point a new generation in the fractal world having a dimension one step higher. This point or possibly area called singularity involves in classical mathematics at a certain position a two-dimensional finite integral with width zero and infinite height. (Caution: The notion of dimension is not used here as in former fractional geometry where it is used to measure complexity.)


Imagine a system working on a strictly flat level. The elements want to expand again at the center hitting one another more and more, until they start jumping up. Thermodynamics describe such stochastic movements. Thereby they leave the plain and create a new dimension called 3D-space. With other words they go beyond the limits seemingly allowed for classical growth and transgress the border of the 2D-plain again creating genuine progress. The designation "genuine" won't be put in parentheses anymore.

Here too this process can be bypassed at the point infinity in singularities which can be crossed only after disintegration and recomposition of a new generation using similar hidden information in a sexual form. Again this point typical for a thus created 3D-fractal world being more developed by having a dimension one step higher is as well just a singularity.


How far can this game go on? The 3D-world "similarly", better said correspondingly, shows coming-up of vortices. These have different names in different parts of what is comprised as the respective world. The entire world is composed by the micro-world of elementary particles, intermediate worlds e.g. kind of planets like the Earth, and the macro-world composed by stars and galaxies. The vortices want to disrupt the respective 3D-system. Again their crash must be able to be observed either at their center-point or in its counter-point "in infinity". But there is no backdoor for letting in any form of traditional religion.

Observation shows in the micro-world elementary particles emitting photons and thus creating "new states", in intermediate worlds tornadoes emitting flashes (even technical generation of electricity could be mentioned here), and in the macro-world now astonishing communication between stars or galaxies with black holes by huge gamma-ray bursts (GRB). All these three forms of contact can be supposed to mean "modulated" transferral of information after disintegration in the center area or in similar form as above at a corresponding "infinity" creating a new dimension. They allow to compare or even understand them as sexuality transmitting information to a new dimension.

4D --> 0D

But what might be this next dimension? Nature teaches us that four dimensions are sufficient to describe at least almost all experimental experience in space-time. The sophisticated question arises whether time existed already at the beginning in the first center-point or comes about by disintegration of a 3D-system in a singularity "just as above". Both views are allowed and cannot be contradicted having the clear consequence that there must be a transition from the 3D-world to a dimension, which as well can be designated 4D or 0D meaning decomposition of stars and galaxies into elementary particles in black holes. Information must be carried either by photons, flashes or GRB as angular momentum vector including time (and parity). This generally resembles sexuality and may be the reason this phenomenon is so strictly avoided by many traditional religions.

Generalized sexuality

Thus the forth dimension can either be called 0D or 4D without making this a decisive matter. Essential seems the presence of bosons in photons as well as in black holes making possible the alleged and not unlikely process of such generalized sexuality. Of course, not only the creation of time has to be considered, but also of natural constants and laws. A decisive way to tackle the problem experimentally could be to ask whether these are definitely constant and invariant. If recursion also occurs for them, there should be slight deviations. But time as reference is questionable too.


In each case one of the well known four forces fits one of these four dimensions. The gravitation is exceptional (1) in various aspects especially concerning the standard model what could be a hint for the special role of the dimensions 0D or 4D considered as being identical. The new alleged finding of a fifth force not fitting four dimensions could be explained as just such a deviation of basic data as assumed or postulated above (2).

The above statements could seem very speculative without citing any mathematical formula. However, most such rather complicated intentions are extremely prone to incorporate hidden assumptions without proof as, for instance, in case of the nuclear standard model or the Bayesian hierarchical modeling, while a breakthrough in imagining a better concept comprising all those three worlds mentioned above hardly can be expected by complicated mathematical calculations. Essential is achieving consistence by minimizing conflicts and optimizing consensus, where direct experimental proof in sufficiently accessible way is not possible.

© All rights by Hans J. Unsoeld, Berlin 2021


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