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Virale Tweets

Jan 1

Tweets are good practice for synthetical #philosophy constituting development beyond the borders of analytical philosophy limiting itself to growth respecting borders. Borders make sense, but must be permeable. Countries should realize modern philosophy, not archaic #religions.

Jan 2

An #individual is part of a #society including the individual defying control of the society protecting the individual. Play domino? An individual is supported by a society helping the individual creating a BETTER society LESS depressing the individual. Assist one another!

Jan 6

A MODERN middle way? Buddhist religion emphasizing the Eightfold Way was the beginning. Genuine religiousness and meditation may be preferred instead of religion. Now #philosophy of flexible development can show a useful modern form of the Eightfold Way.…

Jan 12

Who should we support - parish council, local parliament, regional representation, national parliament, international federation (like #Europe), or the United Nations? Almost nobody seems to care for a "good" balance between all of them. Does good mean #flexible interaction? @UN

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