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Circular sequence of paradigma changes

The basic problem of any general development going beyond evolution is the emergence of new dimensions. How does a point become a line, a line a circle, a circle a fractal and a vortex, and how does a ring closure finally take place that gives them a new beginning and thus a sequence of generations and what causes our understanding of time?

We know the magic words from physics: space and conservation, impulse and power, energy and transformation, torque and time Four dual pairs form an eightfold path, apparently similar to Buddhism, but clearly separating between logic and holism with increasing complexity in between.

This four-dimensional concept, called 4D, is shown in communications on the website and in ebooks mentioned there, but is not yet accepted and requires at least further justification without immediately asking the question of whether it can be proven. Such leaps in development were introduced by T. Kuhn in 1962 as paradigm shift (1). The essential basic principle appears to be the interaction of scalars and vectors acting from outside. This turns a point into a line. The next step in this step-by-step representation is the ring formation from linear elements being more than the inversion of impossible squaring of a circle. It can be interpreted as bending by external influences. If then a vector acts on a circle from the outside, a cardioid is created by bending the same way as the basic figure of square fractals for new levels of more complex development. Yet another such external action, as for example by Coriolis forces, can explain the formation of vortices, the momentum vector of which can be broken down into scalar time and vectorial momentum.

The transitions of such paradigm shift can be understood as singularities in which processes occur that are not actually allowed, such as a division by zero. These cannot be logically recorded and therefore they establish limits of rationality and strict provability. Instead, boundary value formation, recursion and simulation have to be used.

The possibility of a final transition from a vortex again back to a point representing constants can actually be important. This was called Apocalypse and Genesis in early mainly religiously motivated times, but no ring closure was clearly conceived. Without immediately examining the correctness of such an idea, the possible respective forms of such changes in nature can be shown. At the level of elementary particles, the formation or annihilation of particle pairs has to be mentioned, i.e. of an electron and a positron understood as antimatter, whereby conservation of the contributions involved is required, i.e. of momentum, energy, charge and momentum. This process has the character of a mini big bang. At an astronomical level, this could correspond to the decay of a vortex with the emission of a gamma-ray burst, which would result in the formation of a new black hole. This process is still speculative in nature, but can in principle be explained by said possible decomposition of the angular omentum vector into simple angular momentum and time, which therefore could be understood in meaningful way as an imaginary quantity. In a subsequent step these quantities have to somehow split into a triplet of three real spatial coordinates by another still unexplained external influence. Following star formation also appears to take place in pairs (5), which suggests a conceptual connection with the pairing of elementary particles.

The development of life takes place in-between elementary particles and astronomy and is characterized by the sequence of birth and death and new birth. Development then takes place in small steps. The processes that occur here also clearly show the action of vectors on ring structures becoming increasingly complex in fractal understanding of development, which can be fixed in biological evolution. This begins with the constriction of membranes during cell division and is continued by the development of a male reproductive organ and female ready-to-conceive involutions in higher organisms, including humans.

But how singularities in vortices, i.e. also in galaxies that can occur as such, can lead to their collapse has recently been explained at least partly by the Dzhanibekov effect (2) (3) (4). This can be done by the partial shift of the inner and outer components of the torque vector. In the famous experiment carried out for the first time in weightlessness, a flying body spontaneously changes its direction of flight if those components of this vector are displaced in an impermissible manner. However, a galaxy is not able to do so because of its size, so annihilation must be the consequence if the actual bulge to be observed becomes too large due to one-sided radiation. Essentially this must be demonstrated by measurements and calculations.

In conclusion, there is the possibility to understand the formation of black holes through the decay of galaxies and the enormous energy transfer that occurs in a gamma-ray burst. This notion has recently been supported by the observed differences of the cosmic constant at various points. Finally, this means that any beginning and ending are to be conceived as repetitive cycles in a sequence of generations that is understandable as time, and that “a very first” big bang cannot be recognized.


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(5) Stars | Science Mission Directorate - NASA Science Mission ...

Three-dimensional computer models of star formation predict that the spinning ... this would explain why the majority the stars in the Milky Way are paired.

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