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True to the motives of this website, the public and private life of this city are mirrored. Both, however, could be covered in four respects. Can they be cautiously called dimensions or categories? Please forgive when it sounds like a mantra, but as the youngsters say: It fits.  

Here we just mention a few lesser seen aspects of the public "body". The head always sees new street images and completely different buildings in many neighborhoods, and reflection reveals the trends to be discovered behind the design of the capital and the associated gentrification. The feelings are addressed by the changing behavior of its inhabitants, varying from mundane to rough and ready, and the expansiveness requires a lot of energy and good communication. The love life of the Berliners seems to be more brave than elsewhere, but in certain parts also more inclined to polyamory. The increasingly polarized power structures in the city vary between "red-red-green" and "black-yellow" and the silent majority of groups, for example, in the typical vast colonies of small garden cottages. The activities of the Berliners seem to concentrate more on their own city than elsewhere and people appear less inclined to travel to other countries than in other cities, which may only be a subjective impression of a raven-like Non-Berliner, but as many other observers suggest "the inner wall in the heads of people" is still an unconscious remnant.

That not everything is fitting in the city, for example, is shown by disturbing reports of the Tagesspiegel not only about the police in Berlin. There are also big question marks concerning social support and about the promotion of culture. Underground-culture is not seldom understood as the representative consumer culture of the upper class, while genuinely creative mostly small-scale culture only contributes in pretty restricted parts of the fast growing city (Tagesspiegel May 9, 2017).

Less than many other cities Berlin is struggling with the assimilation of migrants, but a genuine integration often stops at the own house or family where hospitality of the kind found in Southern Europe hardly prevails. This got backing by strong criminal activities especially of Arabic clans invading the real estate market in some districts.

Updated Dec. 27, 2018    

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