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Modern Politics

The traditional view that the term modern means just recent events may not be very modern anymore. More essential appears to be the transition from static to dynamic concepts. The reason lies in the fact that compromises are to be preferred against either-or-decisions because they are more prone to avoid warlike disputes.

Compromises, however, are not very different from the modern Middle Way proposed on this website. They include the possibility to accept decisions between yes and no, which is fostered by the transition from classical logics to fuzzy logics.

The traditional view of a polis, the Greek term for a sovereign city or area, must also be revised, because nowadays conflict resolution may need the partial loss of sovereignty. The possible comparison with biological cells clearly advocates not too big differences in size of political entities.

Therefore talking about modern politics here is meant as a dynamic search for conflict resolution concerning time and location. If however all power on such decisions like the use of atomic weapons lies on one person only, no compromise and no Middle Way and no conflict resolution seems to be possible. Such a situation is highly dangerous.

© Copyright Hans J. Unsoeld, Berlin (Germany) 2017

Updated April 10, 2018    

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