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How to find a modern Middle Way

Throughout this website it has repeatedly been said that modern philosophy is not considered as being limited to the realms of rationality. Of course, there is nothing said against searching a balanced position between cognition and processing, the both main rational capacities we have. But even rational thinking usually comes to the conclusion that in addition an equilibrium between body and mind has to be found. This, however, does not seem to be the full story. 

Ubud (Bali, Indonesia)  

First of all it is essential to underline what the meaning of modern might be. It preferably does not signify recent times, but the transition from static to dynamic understanding. This clearly excludes any kind of fixed dogma or fundamentalism or even what has been asked for again in Germany under the heading of a Leitkultur, kind of guiding principles of a society, which have to be accepted by those who want to live there. It should better be learned by the respective society to become more tolerant as long as there is no damage and no disturbance caused by newcomers.

The second point has also been made clear by mentioning the upper and the lower part of the human body and attributing specific properties to both of them and also to the extremities. It especially involves balancing between sex and power and between moving around and activities. To mention sex in a philosophical consideration is almost equivalent to breaking a taboo. It means including questions about how much sexuality could be appropriate here and now. The decision between living in other parts of the world kind of a nomad or to settle in the homeland, similarly often is excluded from philosophical inquiries.

Consequently we could ask what to do in practice when searching a personal modern Middle Way.

There are several well known recommendations. Besides meditation often Yoga and Tai Chi are recommended. Here no dispute will be started about what is best. Experience by people who lived in Asia, especially in countries beyond India, not seldom frankly advocate sexuality and intercourse as maybe more effective than Yoga and Tai Chi in this respect.

As the themes vary about what a momentary Middle Way is being sought for, this might mean different sex partners and thereby a stand against strict monogamy, which is eased by modern hygiene and birth control. The recent stronger appreciation by an increasing number of people for polyamory runs into the same direction.

Here only hints will be given where to find more information for the personally selected way.  

Updated August 02, 2017

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