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Europe’s difficulties to find a balance

Struggles for democracy and social justice

In Sweden, to avoid a split into left and right, the center would have to be strengthened. But the Centre Party is mainly limited to green liberal agrarian issues and thereby cannot effectively confront the right-wing Sweden Democrats.  

The issues of balancing left and right and self-determination persist in Europe too. Supposedly unitary states are struggling to cope with it. Both, the left and the right, seem psychologically unprepared for the eruption of struggles for democracy and social justice where nation and ethnicity, not class, is the driver. The EU is struggling with this problem in several areas, and balancing for approaching the wings is not much supported. Its founding treaty does not include the right to self-determination of peoples – preferring instead to give that right only to nations already recognized as states. Depending on whether people first think about the diverse places or past and future of this complex continent, or whether they feel the horror of the refugees at the borders, or whether they are economically or rather ecologically biased, or have worked or traveled in different parts of this allegedly developed area, they will come to completely different opinions and diverging conclusions.That must not be bad.

The essential point could be to bring all these points of view and influences to a viable balance like a living being, which wants to breathe and to prosper and to come along with all the “usual” difficulties.These issues are main themes of this website. Private and public and even general aspects of life, like relating development and growth, have a lot to do with prospering. ARS-UNA is convinced that the proposed modern Middle Way can contribute to an effective help. 

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Updated Sept. 11, 2018 

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