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What belongs to life?

Dynamisches Vorgehen statt statischen Positionen

Life, - what belongs to life? Without wanting to sink immediately into definitions or profundity, the dubiousness of the delimitation of this word should also right on be brought into play.

Play, - what as next does this term include? When we let follow such questions one another, we turn around in circles. But this is not a bad thing from the outset.   

Both dancers and lovers of recursive approach to allegedly or actually inaccessible goals may both turn around in circles. But be careful! It does not have to be a precise circle. Perhaps its center moves slowly or it is in reality a weakly pronounced ellipse or a spiral. It is precisely a small deviation, which quantum mechanics of the avant-garde described as a perturbation a hundred years ago, that perhaps makes up for the spice, which, incidentally, does about the same in a beautiful dance.    

Excerpt from the book "Mittlerer Weg modern" (Middle Way modern"

Updated April 27, 2018  

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