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Get Borders Porous!

Strict limits not only mean disadvantage, they even suffocate. This applies in natural situations, regardless of whether they relate to time or space, also in cultural developments, and the same way in religion, art. Humanities and natural sciences.

But whoever inclines to the opinion this sounds very abstract will be extremely wrong.

Sorry, one issue after the other!

Time limits in nature? It's not just about plants and animals, although it is also about them, but first of all about ourselves as slowly reacting people. A strict voting age of often 18 years is jist allowed to be called nonsense. Could Greta Thunberg be assumed to be too stupid to vote? Or does a not always friendly mibded reader have a similar opinion of the author of these lines, who worked physically up to the age of 73.5 years and now, ten years later, at the age of exactly 83.5 years,is writing these lines with a brain that is not completely rusty? A strict retirement age is just about the same nonsense.

Spatial boundaries? To hermetically shut off a country, be the head of government Orban or Trump, or even such only initially-shy attempts - names. for being polite, should not be mentioned here - may also be described as essential nonsense.

In short: Limits of both time and space strictly (!) have to have pores through which they can breathe in healthy manner, like through every skin and also the apparently impermeable one of a fat elephant, which very well has this natural, healthy property.

And in “the” culture? Is this culture less important or is it a less valid issue? Do religion, art, humanities or natural sciences still have to be dealt with individually? Forgive that science as the last one seems for the author to be the most important one, though there are no factual arguments for it. But anyone who has heard the word “climate” already knows what “Unite behind the science” means. And the rest of the conclusions could now actually be drawn by everyone for themselves, women perhaps even better than men. In conclusion:

Get borders porous!



Nerlin 12/2019 

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