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  A modern Middle Way in Institutions and  Private Life  (in English and German)

Middle Way modern
Dynamic development instead of fixed beliefs

A modern Middle Way differs significantly from the original Buddhist conceptions. Modern is said to mean that we do not refer to a fixed (static) doctrine. It can not be given as a Leitkultur
either in the private sphere or in society, but should be rebalanced dynamically at every point and in every moment.   

If this occurs primarily in the nearby area, it corresponds to what drops in a river do.That is to find the best possible way of realization for the entire river, which transports large amounts of water into distant areas. In addition evaporating water brings the required rain elsewhere. It is therefore very likely that the overall result is the best possible solution. But this does not exclude comparatively rare singular exceptions. However, the latter ones can not be part of a routine procedure, but only the consequence of discontinuous boundary conditions. Behind this statement, which is derived from mathematics, all unforeseen events are concealed without further specification. In life, they are called birth and death, in nature creation and vanishing.
People who remain and work in their homeland do so in a comparatively narrow social context in the nearby area. Those who go to other countries live more like nomads having their own and hardly controllable responsibilities and can also make a lot of good use for their home country.  

How to find a modern Middle Way  

Krankheit oder sinnvolle Abweichung von einem modernen Mittleren Weg  

Updated Dec. 31, 2017