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Sopenies and prostitutes

Differences between Thailand and Western countries

If a human accepting an animal's qualities partially understands himself as a human raven, but is not accepted by other human beings either as such a man or as a bird of fancy, what is then "wrong"?    

A "real" raven is little domestic, but monogamous. This assumes that both partners are ravens, because domestic means family and family means household. Almost imperceptibly the notion of holding sneaks into the only approximately inverse version. Hold, - does this have something to do with the claws, asks the raven. And there is already talk of "a state", which is not a dynamic status, but it means static. The not necessarily black bird, who sometimes considers himself more as kind of a colorful magpie or even a dazzling bird of paradise, does not like this at all. Statics, in the Middle Ages, was a good starting point for the construction of remarkable churches, but we are increasingly living in dynamic conditions and are now even learning to find our way between sharp rational logic and smooth holistic chaos. The raven recommends a modern and not necessarily Buddhist Middle Way being still mysterious for many people, and very brave beings even venture into the 4D cinema.

So what seems to be wrong with the unaccepted raven? He is not monogamous, nor polygamous, but he fancies with polyamory and with not only one sopenie. What could be the meaning, perhaps Thai prostitutes? It is about Thailand, but it does not harm, if also in the Western world there is developing a feeling that sopenies and prostitutes are quite different people. First of all, it should be accepted that both are human beings, preferably with very human properties. But they have much less in common than is usually thought. This does not have much to do with rational thinking anyway. Roughly one could say that sopenies seek above all social integration, just a "suitable" man, but their western counterpart, simply simple money. But it is not that simple. Here and there, there are also quite different aspects, such as the much-mentioned and much-suppressed question of whether the woman usually suffers from it or does not seldom enjoy it.

Both opinions have many reasons, which make the matter so complex and twisted. The man as well as the woman and also the often completely different circumstances play a significant role. In order to find a common thread in this confusion, it is certainly not very helpful to distinguish many individual cases and to present a compendium. Instead, man and woman should clearly keep in mind that sex and love are for sure something quite different, but they also have a lot to do with each other, in that they can pass seamlessly into each other, in both directions. This applies here just as in a good monogamous relationship, even in a marriage. Moreover, money in such a marriage is also not a completely negligible factor, and feelings of all degrees of strength from good orgasm to the supposed love can definitely also have significance as well for sopenies as for prostitutes. The real problem is, therefore, usually bad circumstances, especially the exploitation of the capitalist surplus value of women with tax collection by a male mafia, which can quickly reduce such feelings to zero. Often prejudices which have already grown in this way can be sufficient to hinder that something of this kind comes about. Not only wives, who think that such men do not care enough for the brood, no, society as a whole mostly think of money and want ravens to be kept in cages. How little do they understand about ecology! Interventions in nature are often done without consideration. Only too late man and woman could get aware, what evil consequences these have when some species disappear. Will not it be similar referring to a human population like nomads? But there is hope. On the beach in Thailand there was easy going computer people working with notebooks for companies around Google, which gladly were together with one or even several sopenies, whereby the issue was absolutely not only about money. Ever heard of culture?

The actual death of all the well-being there may be the military dictatorship drawn into the country, while in western countries the dictatorship of prudery also increases. A completely different problem concerning Google in this regard should not be concealed, namely the gender problems around such companies. Scarcely a woman reaches a position of leadership. This also has too much to do with money and too little with culture.

© Hans J. Unsoeld, Berlin 2017

Updated Jan. 16, 2020 

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