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Cognition and processing

Cognition and processing are the main operations when we assess the best Middle Way. Both will often be considered as rational procedures meaning input and output of the brain. Of course, we comprise seeing, hearing and smelling as main input abilities, which all are mediated by the head computer. Concerning the output, speech also generated in the head plays an important role, however largely only for human beings. Most other forms of output are located in other parts of the body like in animals. 

Looking in such way at cognition and processing we quickly get aware that both of them refer as well to other body parts and clearly are less rational than generally thought. Our upper body has quite another kind of input called feeling or sympathy, and heart and lung certainly are processing organs not directly governed by the brain.

The same is true for the next floor downwards, the abdomen harboring sex and power. This should enlarge our understanding for the often forgotten or neglected or repressed fact, that sex is an important channel for input in life by far beyond just reproductive tasks, and the respective output also does not just consist of children and simple manifestation of dominance, but has important other expressions by feeling lucky or various kinds of body language, and can even lead to new insight.

Finally our cognition by the hands and feet includes lots of equally important acts of touching, feeling and sensory receptions even comprising lust or pain. The output of the extremities consists first of all in moving around and secondly in doing and possibly creating useful activities.

In summary, cognition and processing refer to all our body parts and nowadays can even be complemented on all levels by instruments, machines and also surrogates. The enlargements of the activities of our head in our time are such a matter of course that we hardly do not need to mention audiovisual equipment or computers.

Essential, however, are the main requirements of all of them, be it natural or artificial ones, by which they are assessed as well when competing for survival in nature or when selecting an apparatus for use in our life. They have to be fast and robust.

This also is valid in the case of assessing the best Middle Way for us or for a group of people. Cognition and processing have to be fast and robust on all levels. They are not just rational qualities, but all and every input and output channel is involved in life. This means need for training and fitness in every respect, and it is decisive for success or failing. But there is no general preexisting procedure except learning mainly in small steps by error and trial which however then can be encoded genetically by recombination, mutation and selection, thus by biological principles. 

© Hans J. Unsoeld, Berlin 2017. All rights reserved.

Updated April 16, 2018  

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