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Gender Interaction

Genderism is composed of infantilism (including grown-up children), feminism, masculinism (not necessarily machism), and LGBTism. It seems they all have to be freed of their ending -ism.   

Does that sound like a fixed arbitrary program? Let us pour a few spices from the Middle Way over it! That way it will become more digestible. Are you able to sense the good taste?

If not, then turn for a moment to elementary particles or galaxies. They are not very different from one another insofar as galaxies are composed by elementary particles. We and Life and Nature are located somewhere in between. This is not a credo, but should rely on perception and therefore be allowed to be called facts, however certainly not fake facts.

Before going on, a short word about myself might be mentioned, because usually people don’t trust a raven very much. They ponder about the character of such a bird believing in an overweight of alleged typical properties of such an animal which feeds on carrion and is not very social. But I am European with quite a lot of experiences in Both Americas and in Asia, especially in the Far Far East. Furthermore childhood is important. Back then was the wartime almost without a father and with often alternating women. I am grateful to this situation though I sometimes came close to death, because I now see it as a source of the stupid thing called insight.

The consequence is also that I am not much afraid of dangerous situations in my daily life, but have a close eye on political clouds which according to modern field theories can not be caused unilaterally. Do the Russians and the Germans or the French and the Britons understand this, and what about the Chinese and the US-Americans?

Another consequence is that I do like polyamory. I feel able to really love more than one woman at the time and more than one city at the time and more than one country at the time and more than one continent at the time and even different kinds of Nature at the same time including opposite far-fetched theories about elementary particles and galaxies. If people prefer to put down this idea, they call it multipolar and recommend a psychic cure which I don’t need.

Having stated this I finish the personal part and return to the initial theme genderism. It may be adequate to talk about this phenomenon as a raven. These certainly not stupid birds, which adopted thinking in spacetime mainly in the 19th century, remember very well how they originated. About 65 million years ago there was the famous awful incident with a meteor which ended the lives of most dinosaurs. Only a few of them were selected for being very small and very fast, and got a chance to survive. Small also meant being very light. And fast referred not only to the extremities, but also to the brain, the feelings, and the libido. After the necessary transformations they were called birds. Those with the fastest brain (perception and computing), the fastest feelings (heart beat and oxygen purification), and the fastest libido (sex and power),- those were called ravens. They had excellent wings and claws, too. All the other living beings uttered dismay. So far about ravens. Finally we again turn back to genderism!.

Dear Reader, do you remember what the heading of this text was and still is? Yeah,- about interactions. How is it related to the crazy thing which now seems to be put into the center,- genderism? Is it not a crazy thing? Not at all, croaks the raven, and I as the author strongly identify with my beloved black or sometimes even colored counterpart.

Let us ignite a bomb by using the Middle Way to melt up those ingredients mentioned at the beginning: infantilism, feminism, masculinism, and LGBTism. Can we mix them up in such a cruel way in a war-like action? Does such kind of procedure convene with the supposedly well balanced Middle Way?

The Middle Way not only including the rationality of the brain, but also properties of the feelings and the libido and the extremities, can be accepted and used as just a marvelous means to heal many traces of a gruesome war. Formally it could be called conflict resolution. However, to use this crude expression for such a subtle invention would be out of place. It should simply be named just Middle Way. If you don’t like this at all, call it finding a balanced compromise.

Immediately a street sign appears warning about missionaries on a road said to be slippery because of beliefs. How to react? Never heard of a brake? A good propelling device has even two of them, one for the feet and the other one is invoked by changed positions of the wings of a mostly peaceful raven or of mostly dangerous fighter jets. Just push on both brakes like when stopping secret services by using two passwords!

When talking about the strange mixture of infantilism, feminism, masculinism, and LGBTism as of a war-like situation, the silent majority, of course, is unified in closing the curtains and shutting off intrusions by any too strong external communication, for instance under the headings of creative culture or social work. Only soccer and other kinds of gaming remain allowed. That kind of activity might foster a fast reaction time in case of a new little incident with a meteor where only he fastest ones will survive. But would this part of the population turn to meditation which is said to be the main regulating knob of the Middle Way, or only turn towards the completely undefined flow of populism? Only a very evil secret service could get information about this crucial question. However, even organizations of this kind hesitate to investigate gaming, because it has too much to do with weapons upon which they themselves rely in clear overflow (term only to be used for computers), and they want to avoid too much publicity.

Aah,- back to genderism! Is war here really imminent? Maybe only mines will be used in the beginning and we should learn to defuse them. Each type of gender seems to use an own brand of mines. Children are educated to be goody-goody for avoiding to give them enough independence, empathy, sex education, and outdoor activities. Women still in the 22nd century have to restrain from free own perception and brain activities, to limit feelings to kitchen spices and pious devotion, to use sex only for creation of bambini and power only to maintain an orderly household, and not to travel alone. Men have to accept alcohol and similar drugs, to avoid feelings of freedom and for being workaholics, to hide desires towards more than one woman and to forget the wish to be one's own master, and they have to like to race and to drudge. LGBT persons are supposed to be adaptive and to wear dark sunglasses, not at all to show feelings and to live rather like a slave, to hide sex almost completely and not to want any power, and not to show up at daytime or to be busy in leading positions.

To defuse all these mines would need millions of highly specialized people and social welfare as much as possible. But mines are known to be only the beginning of any warfare. Later they come with heavy artillery, and finally with kind of nuclear weapons. Can you imagine this in the war of genders? Is it a hopeless situation? Of course not, because it is clever to remember, how the crazy raven is flying around other wonderful people on the Middle Way. Therefore only the little little problem should still be solved to find the mentioned for sure not weird, but unfamiliar road said to be slippery. This search for a balanced path, of course, could be a much easier task for those with open eyes and ears and a well trained brain, open feelings and fresh-air lungs, a happy and certainly not extremely seldom sexual life, and good participation in any power games people play, and finally a strong affinity to far places as well as good adaptation to the own place of origin called homeland.

Did you observe that the raven within me already twice mentioned eight issues for choice? Does it now come out that it is all about well known sticky Buddhism with those thousands of years old recipes taught in remote monasteries hissing flags of either Theravada or Mahayana for an Eightfold Way? Ooh nope,- the story comes out to be more delicate. Sorry, the Eightfold Way persists in a different form, less ideological, less fundamental, and without attribution to any group. Between all the above mentioned pairs for the brain, the feelings, the so-called lower instincts, and the abilities attributed to our extremities (maybe you look back to the pairings mentioned above?), there in reality and in our imagination is such a strange, but extremely useful Middle Way which can be found by meditation, either alone or in community. Only a short word might be uttered about the vocabulary. When it is together with other people in community, then it usually in Western countries is called by the already mentioned ordinary expression compromise. Try it, you like it!

Where and when could that be realized? Do you really think people like Putin and Merkel, or Macron and Theresa May, like Xi Jinping and Trump will do that when meeting? Ridiculous! Don’t puff yourself up! It only comes up to diplomacy involving secrecy and tricky cheating. How come?

We all learned it this bad way at home and in our private lives, and it is done by the above mentioned forms of genderism. We did not and we still do not learn enough about meditations and compromises in our private lives between those parties called children (in the first place!), women, men, and LGBT’s (not well named,- better third gender?). The aim of it is not only cooperation. We already know that this bait is not sufficient. All four pairs cited above are to be taken into account (ooh no, it is not a question of accounting!). This means both in imagination and in reality (mathematicians as well as psychologists will agree) to find an understanding in perception and ways of deciding, in sympathy and fitness, in open sexual relations (talking about birth regulation and Viagra) and accepted rules for power games, and in mutually inviting one another and learning together (languages and any skills).

Are you aware that not the slightest bit it has been asked to identify with other people? Variety is beautiful and can be adored. Learning all this in our private lives makes it much easier. Maybe only then it will be possible at all to transfer these aspects onto public life and to recommend it to the above mentioned big shots and to all those supporting them.

Do you now get what genderism can be all about? It would be the exercise field for peacefully living together in this beautiful world stinking from gun smoke and bad treatment of Nature. Avoidance makes sense in the short range and interaction in the long range should be taken into account. This is a law of Nature, no invention of the raven, as already in textbooks about the tiny atomic world can be learned. It even could be fun.

Crying #MeToo does not mean any genuine interaction between genders. It is a static behavior and less developed than wishing #ConsentMatters which without doubt is more dynamic and in this sense characteristic for modernity. To condemn people could be replaced by assessing interactions. Some of them are indeed criminal, but others possibly not. Does this not refer, for instance, also to Roman Polanski? Awful war experiences might play a serious role. Somebody whose youth has been robbed is likely to feel stronger attracted to young people than anybody else and to take legal age barriers for consent less seriously than those grown up in a healthy society.  

© Hans J. Unsoeld, Berlin 2017/2018. All rights reserved. 

Updated Jan. 16, 2020

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