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How to make a love declaration?

Who believes in such an assertion in words? It is broken more frequently than held. The youth calls this too much "texting", and it is right. What to do?

Naturally, a raven recommends a natural approach with full consideration of animal aspects. So what?  

Anyone who has bravely read on this uncomfortable website, what there has already been put on the net about taboos, should not really have any major difficulties to crack this immensely important tiny problem,- simply nothing else but to break a taboo! When two living creatures do something together, what will exclude them from their respective society, it will bring them to their own self-created paradise, which can not be recognized as such by others, because it is invisible to these people.

Are more detailed instructions needed? Supposedly, there exist four "core taboos", which in principle (sorry for this gruesome word!) should be leveled out all individually. And whoever wants to make it particularly thorough, could even deal with several of them at once, which however may be even more dangerous. One alone is already "not so completely without", so caution!

The oldest and thus most proven taboo is supposedly the sex taboo. Of course, if two people will offend against previously accepted power relations, it is certainly worth more than if someone whispers, "I love you."

The next taboo prohibits joint activities, for example, a trip or action outside the social framework. It is also clear, - such an enterprise brings them more society than that society and is thus also worth more!

The third taboo is that of rationality. The famous saying "to lose one's head" certainly confirms the high effectiveness even of a violation of this taboo.

The fourth taboo is the least known and least conscious. To act against all former feelings? And fitness not only in the fitness center? Is that not too much? Is it about the feelings for other partners? No one, however, says that these are now forbidden, but it bis about their exclusivity. So a plea for polyamory, and certainly not without responsibility! But until that is swallowed up by our conservative fellow human beings, it can take a while for a while.

All right? Wishes Happy Taboo Cracking!  

© Copyright (all rights reserved) Hans J. Unsoeld, Berlin 2017

Updated September 16, 2017  

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